Double Bed Mattress Online Within Your Budget

If you are planning to buy a double bed mattress, then you have come to the right place. Unlike single or king size mattresses that are used to serve a unique purpose, double size mattresses can be used in numerous ways. Nevertheless, due to their limited demand, not every major online or retail store has their availability. In this post, we will make you familiar with double bed size variations and from where you can get a double bed mattress online.

double bed mattress

What Is A Double Bed Mattress?

Just like beds, mattresses also come in different sizes. Ideally, a double mattress is bigger than a single bed mattress and smaller than a queen size mattress. The standard size of a double mattress is 75” by 54”. That is, these beds are 75-inches long and 54-inches wide. Since two individuals can be accommodated in a double bed mattress, they are also known as a full mattress.

Even though it can accommodate two people, it won’t leave any added space in between. You might already know that an individual needs 30-inches of space to sleep freely. Therefore, the standard double size bed won’t be a comfortable option for two people to sleep. To resolve this issue, sellers have come up with variations of double bed sizes these days.

One can get a full mattress of 74” by 60” as well. This is known as extra double mattress and can easily accommodate two people. If you are a single sleeper, then you can also go with a small double mattress that measures 74” by 48”. Since these mattresses have such a wide application, people mostly get a double mattress online for their guest rooms.

From Where Should I Get A Double Mattress Online?

If you are planning to buy a double size mattress, then you can simply visit WakeFit’s online store right here. It has a diverse range of double size mattresses that is sure to meet every need of yours. From a small double size to an extra double size, you can simply select the type of mattress you want and get it delivered to your doorstep.

The WakeFit memory foam mattress is made of premium materials and will certainly change the way you sleep. Buy its double bed mattress online and provide flawless posture support to your spine. It also has orthopaedic properties, which makes it a must-have product for people suffering from joint pain, sore neck, arthritis, and other related health problems.

A Store Where You Can Find Best Double Bed Mattress

It redistributes your body weight, making sure that there is no added pressure on your joints or spine. Also, it has a localized bounce feature, letting you twist and turn without disturbing your partner. Since it comes with a trial duration of 100-days, you can buy double mattress online from WakeFit and have a trouble-free shopping experience. If you are not happy with your mattress during the trial period, you can get your money back as well.


So what are you waiting for? Make some space in your room for a brand new mattress and order a double bed mattress from WakeFit right away.


What Is Queen Size Mattress? Do You Really Need It?

There is a reason why queen size mattresses have such a prominent hold in the market. Ideally, they are considered one of the most affordable and compact mattresses that can accommodate two individuals. Just like any other mattress size, the dimensions for a queen size mattress might also differ from one nation to another.

queen size mattress

Before buying a brand new mattress, you should take a step back and do your research. If you are not sure about the kind of bed mattress that you should buy, then you have come to the right place. Read this informative post and be familiar with the pros and cons of buying a queen size mattress online.

What is a queen size mattress?

Typically, a queen size mattress is 78” long and 60” wide. Though, it might alter from one country to another. In India, you would get queen bed mattress sizes of 72” by 60” as well. These mattresses can accommodate two people with a minimum added space in between. Ideally, each adult needs 30” of a personal space.

Should I buy a queen size mattress?

Every mattress kind has its own pros and cons. To help you make up your mind, we have listed in-depth details about queen mattress right here.

Benefits of a queen size mattress

A queen size mattress is often considered a perfect choice for both couples and single sleepers. If you sleep alone, then you can get enough space to move around. At the same time, couples would also face no problem sleeping on a queen mattress.

Since almost every manufacturer makes these mattresses, buying a queen size mattress online would be pretty easy. You can get it from any major online e-commerce portal or a manufacturer’s website.

They are pretty compact when compared to a king size mattress. It will help you utilize limited space in your room while meeting your requirements at the same time.

You would be able to save space and your money while getting a queen size mattress India. They are pretty affordable and buying a brand new queen mattress won’t cause a dent in your pocket either.

Disadvantages of a queen size mattress

Even though queen size is considered an ideal choice out of all the bed mattress sizes, it is certainly not a grand option. If you don’t like to compromise with your comfort, then you should go with a king size mattress. It would be a few inches wider than queen mattresses with an extra space in between.

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Even though you can buy a queen size mattress India at an affordable rate, you can get a king mattress as well by adding a few extra bucks. The price difference between a queen and a king size mattress is not a deal-breaker for many.

Therefore, if you don’t have any constraints regarding your budget or space, then you can also buy a king size mattress. Nevertheless, if you wish to go with an ideal option and make the most of your room’s space – then a queen size mattress would be the best choice.

Get The Most Popular Double Bed Mattress

If you are planning to buy a double bed mattress, then there are a few things that you should keep in mind before making the purchase. From checking the overall composition of the mattress to its exact dimensions, you should focus on different factors before commencing on your shopping spree.

To help our readers, we have come up with a checklist that every individual should go through before going for bed mattress shopping. It doesn’t matter if you are buying a double or a single bed mattress, you should always consider the following suggestions.

Be sure of the measurements

double bed mattress measurement

This is undoubtedly the most vital thing that one should keep in mind before visiting a retail store or browsing various products online. There are all sorts of double bed mattress online, and some of them might seem pretty tempting as well. Though, you should always know the exact size of your bed before making a purchase. Ideally, a double bed mattress has the standard dimensions of 53” x 74”. Nevertheless, it might change from one region to another. If you have a customized bed, then make sure that you measure it before ordering a new mattress.

Check its composition

double bed mattress composition

Mattresses can be divided into different categories on the basis of their overall composition. Not just twin or double bed, you can also find a diverse range for single bed mattress in the market as well. For a very long time, customers could either buy spring coil or latex mattress only. Now, they have a wide range of products to pick from.

If you want to bring home a durable and comfortable bed mattress, then we recommend getting a memory foam mattress. Since it has a pressure-relieving ability, it redistributes the overall weight of your body uniformly without causing unwanted stress on your joints or spine. Some other popular choices are air mattresses, water beds, hybrid mattresses, etc.,

Other benefits

double bed mattress breathable mattress

You might already know that mattresses come with several added benefits these days. While the sky is the limit here, you should look for a mattress with maximum benefits in your budget. Most of the premium mattresses are dust mite-resistant and anti-allergenic in nature. An ideal double bed mattress should provide utmost comfort to you without causing any harm to your body.

Furthermore, you should make sure that your mattress is breathable in nature. Otherwise, it would increase the temperature while sleeping and can make you feel restless all-night long.

Online stores or retail shops

Online mattress stores

We find that most of the customers are confused about the best place to buy a double bed mattress of their choice. While you can always visit a nearby brick and mortar store, chances are that you won’t find the kind of extensive range or discounted products that online stores provide anywhere else. Therefore, if you wish to save big on your pocket while buying genuine products, then order double bed mattress online.

You can always buy a double bed mattress from WakeFit’s official website right here. Since you would be buying a mattress right from the manufacturer’s website, you don’t have to worry about its authenticity. Additionally, it will help you grab a great deal while buying a brand-new mattress at a tempting price range.

Top Memory Foam Mattress Brands In India

If you are planning to buy a brand-new memory foam mattress, then you must already be aware of its benefits. Considered as a revolution in the mattress industry, memory foam is used by plenty of manufacturers in India. Though it might become a little tedious to select top memory foam mattress brands from among the available brands. Among all the gimmicks and impostors online, customers need to walk an extra mile to pick the best mattress brand.

top memory foam mattress brands

Therefore, we recommend that every online shopping enthusiast should do a bit of research before buying a new memory foam mattress. To help you, we have come up with a comprehensive list of the best memory foam mattress 2017 brands right here.


One of the oldest mattress manufacturers in India, Sleepwell has an extensive range of products in the market. Not just memory foam, it also has a dedicated line of spring coil mattresses as well. Made of high-quality foam that is used by NASA, the brand has several memory foam mattresses available for its customers. Its Impression, Serenity, and Amity line of products are widely used and are highly recommended as well.


One of the best foam mattress brands out there, WakeFit is known for its premium products that are available at an affordable price. Its orthopaedic memory foam mattress is considered as an essential product for individuals suffering from arthritis, joint pain, or spine-related problems. It also has a localized bounce feature, letting you twist and turn without waking up your partner. Furthermore, the brand provides a 30-day risk-free trial period on its products for a hassle-free purchase.


The brand has dedicated lines of its products, namely TEMPUR original, cloud, and sensation. It has heat-sensitive mattresses as well, making sure that the users can sleep for hours without experiencing any discomfort. The brand has also received lots of positive feedback from its customers, making it one of the top memory foam mattress brands in India.


Hush might have a limited collection of foam mattresses, but they are certainly of premium quality. The brand also features hybrid mattresses, having a base of spring coil and a top layer of high-quality memory foam. All of this makes it one of the most recommended foam mattress brands in the market.


Sleepzone has been around for almost a decade, and in the last few years, it has come up with some exceptional memory foam products. Besides manufacturing spring coil and latex mattresses, it is also known for its flagship Europedic memory foam mattress. The remarkable composition of its products makes it one of the top memory foam mattress brands out there.


Just like all the other top memory foam mattress brands, Coirfit also has a wide range of products available in the market. The brand is majorly known for its high-quality products that can be bought at an attractive price. Additionally, its memory foam products are made of an active bond material, which is considered extremely beneficial for the body.

Go ahead and browse the dedicated online or retail stores of these popular manufacturers and pick the best mattress brand. After going through our handpicked list of some of the best memory foam mattress 2017 brands, you would certainly be able to save your time and efforts while buying your next mattress.

How To Get The Best Deal For King Size Mattress?

We all like to buy our favorite products from various online stores. Though, buying a king size mattress set is unlike buying other products like electronics or clothes.

Since your mattress affects your health, lifestyle, and sleeping pattern in numerous ways, you should be a little cautious while buying it online. We all know the added benefits of buying a king size bed or mattress online.

king size bed mattress

If you wish to make a smart purchase, then consider the following expert suggestions in mind.

Browse multiple marketplaces

While buying a king size mattress, make sure that you check multiple websites. Chances are that the product you wish to buy could be available at a lower cost somewhere else. This will also let you pick a desirable product after browsing an extensive range of mattresses.

Wait for an upcoming sale

Before you add a king size bed mattress to your cart, check if it’s available at its best price or not. You can wait for a festive or an end of season sale to grab a great deal. Most of the times, products are available at a tempting price range during the end of season sale, as sellers need to clear their stocks.

Redeem coupons or referral codes

If you have a referral code or coupon, then make sure you redeem it before making the final payment. Even if you don’t have a personalized coupon, you can always search for an online store’s coupon on the web. There are dedicated websites that feature several deals and coupons for every leading online store.

Look for combo deals

If you wish to buy both, a king size bed and mattress, then you should look for combo deals. Instead of buying these products separately, you should prefer buying them from a single place. There are plenty of stores that have various king size bed mattress combos readily available.

Check offers on your credit and debit card

There are times when various online stores host added discounts and offers for specific credit and debit cards. Before you make a purchase, simply browse the kinds of offers that are associated with your card. Also, you can get an added discount or cashback while using an e-wallet to buy a king size mattress or bed online.

Buy products directly from a seller’s website

This is one of those secret expert suggestions that every smart shopper follows. Instead of buying a product from a shared marketplace (like eBay or Amazon), you can always buy it directly from a seller’s website after reading the genuine king size mattress reviews. You might end up grabbing a great deal this way and won’t have to worry about the product’s authenticity either. To save your time and effort, you can always buy a king size mattress from WakeFit instead of any other marketplace as well.

Read return policy and warranty

Most importantly, make sure that you carefully read the return policy and warranty details for the product you are buying. There are only a handful of sellers that provide hassle-free trial-and-return on their products. For instance, WakeFit offers a 30-day trial period on its products. If you are not happy with the mattress, then you can easily return it during the trial duration.

Simply follow these expert suggestions while buying a mattress online and grab an amazing deal. Bring home a brand-new mattress of high quality without causing a dent in your pocket.

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